Yacouba Sawadogo,  the man who stopped the dessert

Yacouba Sawadogo: The man who stopped the desert

Yacouba Sawadogo
Picture: rfi.fr

Yacouba Sawadogo is a man who commands admiration. Nicknamed “the man who stopped the desert”. This gentleman took 40 years to create a grove of 40 hectares approximately alone in his home village in Burkina Faso. In this grove, at least forty species of plants are found there. Thanks to the method of Zaïs and stony cords, Yacouba Sawadogo succeeded where many failed: curbing the advance of the desert. With this strategy, the winner of the alternative nobel prize has succeeded in boosting his agriculture and the great happiness of his family. As a fulfilled man, he travels the countries of the world to share his experience. This, at a time when he expected the least.

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